Radicant: 3D Printed Wall Panel Created with Recycled Materials

#Feb 04, 2024

At the Royal Danish Academy, CITA – Center for Information Technology and Architecture has recently developed an environmentally friendly 3D printed wall panel called “Radicant,” crafted from recycled materials.

This innovative construction incorporates materials such as bone glue and cellulose fibers derived from agricultural residues and wastes, including bark, paper, recycled linen (cotton), and seagrass. The design of the structure aims to minimize the environmental impact of waste materials while providing an architecturally compatible and aesthetic solution.

As part of a broader research effort focusing on integrating environmentally friendly bio-based materials into architectural applications, the structure was created using a specialized print head and the WASP Industrial Clay Extrusion Kit. The biopolymer bone glue used in the material mix was combined with various cellulose fibers to create a liquid dense paste. CITA utilized WASP’s heated extrusion system to effectively print large quantities. Standing at a height of 6 meters, Radicant was assembled by bringing together panels made of different tiles. The name “Radicant” is derived from the concept that surrounds the structure like a vine, expressing an architectural concept that adapts to and grows along the wall.

The 3D scanning and modeling processes began by creating a digital model of the wall. In the printing process, a separate 3D model creation stage was skipped, and the wall panel was directly produced based on the volumetric model.

In conclusion, the Radicant project presents an eco-friendly architectural solution utilizing recycled materials, harnessing the flexibility and speed of 3D printing to design a unique wall panel. This innovative approach could serve as inspiration for future projects in sustainable architecture and material recycling.

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