Nexa3D X Gentle Giant Studios: The Power of 3D Printing in the Background of Animation

#Jan 18, 2024

The collaboration between Nexa3D and Gentle Giant Studios was a phenomenal success for Disney Pixar’s Elemental. Nexa3D’s XiP desktop 3D printer, combined with the artistic expertise of Gentle Giant Studios, enabled high-quality and complex prototypes to be produced in a short amount of time.

With more than 30 years of experience, Gentle Giant Studios is an entertainment and technology company specializing in data collection, product development, digital services to customers around the world. For Disney’s Elemental, Gentle Giant Studios teamed up with the Walt Disney Studios marketing team to launch a project aimed at sparking excitement in audiences and conceived the idea of developing life-size prototypes of movie characters. In order to make this design a reality by the time of the movie premiere, Gentle Giant Studios needed to find a 3D printer that was both fast and accurate. The fact that the marketing budgets were not announced before the release of the program made the job extra difficult.

Gentle Giant Studios chose to use Nexa3D’s XiP Desktop 3D Printer for this difficult process because of its speed and high-performance features. Piece clarity was extremely important in this project, as the parts had to be painted to provide the illusion of fire and water, the two main characters in the film. xMODEL17-Clear resin, which stands out with its advanced optical clarity, hard and durable, was preferred as the modeling material. The team at Gentle Giant Studios experimented with more than five different designs in a matter of days, and thanks to XiP’s high print speed and quality parts, it received Pixar’s approval for the final design in less than two days.

The main challenge of the project was that it had a limited time frame, but Gentle Giant Studios managed to get approval from Disney Studios by producing the prototypes with an impressive speed with the XiP Desktop 3D printer. This success ensured the successful completion of the project and the timely delivery of the film for the premiere events. The life-size pieces have been used at various movie premiere events across the country, as well as in a promotional pop-up exhibition at Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan.

This collaboration between Nexa3D and Gentle Giant Studios once again demonstrates the potential of advanced 3D printing technology in the entertainment industry, bringing a new perspective to the industry.

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