Hawaya Racing X Markforged

#May 02, 2024

Hawaya Racing X Markforged

Johnny Vickers, founder of Hawaya Racing, started the first nitro drag bike school in 2010. Many top nitro drag riders today are graduates. The company focuses on making parts and gear for Harley-Davidson drag racing and offers services for street bikes too. They have their own machine shop and make various parts including engines, chassis, and clutches.

The Challenge:
Racing means being faster, lighter, and cheaper. Racing parts are usually made from metal, which is strong but heavy. Making small, complex metal parts took a lot of time for Hawaya Racing.

The Solution:
In 2022, Hawaya Racing bought a Markforged X7 from Phillips Corporation. This machine can make tough parts from composite materials using Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR). It’s great for making parts quickly and cheaply, and it helps Hawaya Racing reduce wait times for parts.
One example of how this helps is with throttle grips. They used to be made of metal, but now they’re 3D printed with CFR. The new grips are much lighter and cheaper to make. They also don’t need as much work to produce.

Hawaya Racing keeps using the X7 to try out new ideas and stay ahead in the racing world. They run the machine all day and night to keep improving. This technology helps them compete better in nitro Harley drag racing.

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